Brighter Smile,brighter you!

Updated: May 9, 2020

This is one of those practices -you either love it or just don't .I belong to the former category.I am a more recent convert in all honesty as the thought of oil in the mouth never really appealed to me.So I started off on this journey only a few years ago.While I do not have any known or visible dental issues yet,I feel really good each morning after I use our toothpowder,the tongue scraper and the oil rinse together.I genuinely like that combination.I m not worried about any synthetics and I just feel safer and like I am in good hands!

So I d love to tell you more about Oil pulling and I most certainly would encourage you to try it for at least a month and ideally 48 days i.e. one mandala

Oil pulling is the act of taking a small amount of oil and swishing it around one’s teeth and gums—like a mouthwash,for oral and systemic health benefits.Ancient ayurvedic texts claimed to cure about 30 systemic diseases ranging from headache, migraine to diabetes and asthma using the one daily practice of oil pulling.

According to Ayurveda, teeth are actually the by-product of the bone tissue which means healthy teeth can be correlated with the health of bones.Modern researchers have also linked the unhealthy oral bacteria to those found in the valves of the heart and the brain. So, supporting our oral hygiene is a benefit for our general health. In fact, our mouths are host to over 600 different species of bacteria which populate the teeth, tongue, soft tissue of the cheeks and palates, and our tonsils. The oral cavity further adjoins the esophagus, nasal passages, sinuses, and the intricate ear cavities. 

You can see why bacteria in the mouth is a big deal!

It no wonder then that both Western medicine and Ayurveda use the tongue as an important diagnostic tool, indicating the fact that a healthy mouth and a healthy tongue is interrelated to the health of the entire body.

How do you Oil pull?

Step 1: Take a tablespoonful of oil and swish it around the mouth in the early morning before breakfast and on an empty stomach for about 20 min. In case of children above five years of age, a teaspoon of oil is used. It is not suggested for younger children.

Step 2: Pull the oil and force it between all the teeth by swishing it all around the mouth. At the end of this activity if the procedure is done correctly, the viscous oil will

become milky white and thinner. Then,spit it out.

Step 3: Wash your mouth thoroughly with clean warm saline water or tap water.

A few things to take note of:

1.While starting off,twenty minutes can seem like eternity.Start with five mins at a time (also seems like eternity initially) and then slowly increase the length of time.

If the jaw aches, then you know you need to reduce the time.

2.Avoid spitting the oil into the sink as the oil can cause clogging of the pipes. Instead, the oil should be spit into trash can or into the toilet bowl.

3.Avoid swallowing the oil as the pulled oil is said to contain bacteria and toxins.

Benefits of Oil Pulling: While there are many benefits to oil pulling,here are the three main benefits in my opinion why you should consider practicing it on a regular basis.