Discover Earthen Living - combining the simplicity of yesterday with the functionality of today.


Created for those living consciously, we create beautiful handcrafted yoga mats made from natural materials, accessories and Ayurvedic products. Each and every mat we produce is completely biodegradable and follows a sustainable life cycle. Our collection is design-led and inspired by tradition, achieving the perfect balance between function and form.


Our Philosophy


We are deeply rooted in nature and draw inspiration from the concept that all living matter is made up of the five basic elements:



  • Fire

  • Water

  • Earth

  • Air

  • Space


We believe that our bodies are composed of these five elements in varying proportions. As a natural extension, the products that we choose should also benefit from these five elements. Because of this, we make our products from natural materials and in an eco-friendly way. We’re not green for the sake of being green. Instead we are functionally green. We value the quality of handcrafted products and ensure everything we produce avoids wastage, especially when it comes to packaging.


Our designs are simple and timeless. What we produce serves a purpose, to enhance your lifestyle and wellbeing.



Our History


Hi, I’m Priya, and I’m the founder of Earthen Living. Practicing yoga regularly, I noticed that I didn’t like the smell of the rubber of the synthetic mats available. Using synthetic materials through the clothing I practiced in and the mat I practiced on seemed to be misaligned with the core principles of yoga.


Experimenting, I found that cotton mats weren’t practical due to the lack of grip on the underside. PVC and virgin rubber mats didn’t provide an answer to the problem, as the non breathable texture still didn’t seem right. I decided a simple mat, using simple materials would be the easiest solution.


I went on to create my own yoga mat made from natural materials. I wanted my mats to be beautiful and functional, as well as kind to the environment. This is how the first Earthen Living yoga mat was made - using natural materials, plant dyes and with limited wastage.


My background...


Ayurveda inspires Earthen Living. I was born and raised in India, but have spent the last ten years of my life in London. In my roots, Ayurveda can be traced back over five generations in my family. I have seen myself change in several ways over this last decade -  having five generations of the family involved in Ayurveda had certainly rubbed off me.  Maybe it was because life slowed its pace down, age played its game or it was circumstances and in general, the ways of world today. Subconsciously, I seemed to be moving back in time as it were, living an aspirational life that is almost in parallel to that my grandparents lived - avoiding the frills,preferring the simple,non-wasteful,kinder options we have.


I am charmed by the simplicity of their times and how effortlessly eco-friendly, self-friendly everything they did was. Not only was sustainability a natural outcome of the choices they made, but they respected nature - the seasons,the changes they bring, the effects it can have on us and lived in sync with it.


With several years of experience in manufacturing, an eye for detail and a passion to create something more soul-satisfying, I combined my professional instincts and personal beliefs into something meaningful - Earthen Living.


Shop the Earthen Living collection online, or experience our beautiful handcrafted yoga mats for yourself, at various boutiques, yoga studios and pop-up stores around the city.

Earthen Living Ltd,Kemp House 152-160 City Road,London EC1V 2NX

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