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Shatavari “Asparagus racemosus” is known as nature’s gift to womankind. The root of this plant is said to have the therapeutic ingredient, especially for women. Shatavari is said to be beneficial for every stage of a woman’s life. It is useful in menstruation as it supports you with abdominal cramps and spasms. It supports ovulation and fertility. It facilitates uterine strength and can help post-pregnancy in lactation. In menopause, it can help manage hot flashes and irritability and hence helps women transit easily through the natural phases of life.

In addition it is said that shatavari root can help lower blood sugar levels by stimulating the insulin in the pancreas hence maintaining blood glucose levels.It is also an excellent herb for cleansing the gut.

Shatavari Capsules

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  •  Shatavari capsules

    (Vegan )

    Strength: 350mg






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