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A massage oil for both mom and baby

Made with over thirty herbs in a base of sesame oil this vitamin E filled oil has the goodness of buttermilk along with amla,  cinnamon, cardamom and turmeric amongst others.The right combination of the herbs and warming spices in the oil help energize gently while also removing fatigue from the muscles, improving circulation, preventing dryness, improving skin elasticity and lustre while also helping you relax and help with better sleep.


The  buttermilk contained in the oil  also helps to calm a newborn baby's skin and nourish gently with the vitamin E rich sesame oil while also giving the baby the warmth of the womb.

The oil also a natural decongestant for the body and when gently massaged on the chest it helps to keep common colds and coughs at bay.

Relax - Mum and Baby massage oil

VAT Included
  • Net Contents: 200ml

    Packaging: Recyclable plastic bottle

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