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Oil Pulling is said to help in preventing tooth decay, alleviating bad breath, and strengthening the tissue of teeth and gums. It is an important part of regular,complete oral hygeine.

For optimum results,use this after using our Herbal toothpowder.

We encourage you to use this oil for a minimum of 40-48 days i.e. one mandala for the body to fully benefit from it.

Read through our blog to know more about oral hygeine in Ayurveda.

Oil Pulling Rinse

VAT Included
  • Net Content: 200ml

    With over 15 other ingredients,this oil pulling rinse has the goodness of a sesame seed oil base which is an excellent anti-bacterial and is linked to whiter teeth and lower levels of dental plaque.In addition this oil has the goodness of cloves which is very good for sensitive gums,toothaches and other dental issues.Menthol adds a fresh mouthfeel after the oil rinse.


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