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"Janani "  translates as - "the one who gave birth" or "mother" in Sanskrit


The Fourth trimester is the time of birth of a new baby and a new mother.

It is the trimester that is  most looked forward to, the one when every moment of fatigue is combined with  joy and filled with love almost unknown before.

This fourth trimester is also a very important one from a health perspective-for the baby and the mother.

Ayurveda places special emphasis on the health and restoration of the new mothers health.The period of 40-48 days post birth is one when the womans body re-orients the system and prioritizes nourishment to her own body after nine months of nourishing the foetus first.

 Ayurveda hence says- "42 days for 42 years"

Take care of yourself for the first 42 days and you will remain as healthy as you were for the next 42 years.

Nourishment comes in many forms- food ,thought and emotions. It is important that every new mother take a holistic approach in this period as much as possible.


Janani  is a little bundle of products we have put together to help you make that beginning towards recovery. Recovery that is not fast, but one that is complete.

Reach out to us if you have any questions or need any help.


Janani - caring for the newborn mother

VAT Included
  • This kit contains:

    1.STRENGTHEN | 500ml

    The primary function of this postnatal tonic is to help the new mother by improving her digestion and metabolism, create better balance in the body and to support lactation. It also helps to calm the mind on an everyday basis thus avoiding any accumulation of stress in those initial months that can lead to postnatal depression.


    2.RESTORE | 300g

     A herbal jam or a “lehyam” in Ayurveda, that is used to strengthen the uterus post-delivery. The main purpose of this jam is to help with the involution of the uterus while also helping to tone the muscles back into shape. It also helps to detoxify the body and help the body recover faster to former health.The recipe also contains ingredients that help as a galactaogue to promote breast milk.


    3.RELAX | 200ml

    A massage oil for both mother and baby

    This oil helps energize the mother gently while also removing fatigue from the muscles, improving circulation and skin elasticity while also keeping ther relaxed and helping her rest and sleep better.The oil also  helps to calm newborn skin and nourish gently while also giving the baby the warmth of the womb.

    The oil also a natural decongestant for the body and when gently massaged on the chest it helps to keep common colds and coughs at bay for both the mom and baby.

    4.PROTECT | 3g

    Tiny herbal pills that support immunity from a young age and work like magic to keep colds, coughs and flus at bay for infants, toddlers,children and adults. 



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