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This collection comprises of an Immune supporting tea, daily herbal supplements to get your day started on the right note and our Nutritive jam that supports digestion and strengthens the body's ability to tackle infections.

This collection harnesses the power of Guduchi, Turmeric, Amla, Ginger and many other everyday ayurvedic herbs that help build risilience and keep you strong. 


While this pack will help you support immunity, overall immunity is built with overall good health. This includes a good morning routine that facilitates the elimination of toxins,foods that support a  healthy digestion and  overall energy and sound sleep to rest and relax the body and mind.

Use this bundle to get you started on a routine that helps build better strength.


For an optimum result please follow the instrcutions on each pack for suggested uses and make it an everyday ritual for a minimum of 42 days which is one mandala .One mandala is the minimum time required for the body to acknowledge the products and take root into your system.



the Robust Immunity Collection

VAT Included
  • ImmuniTEA - 75g tin

    Nutritive Jam - 300g

    Stay Strong: Everyday herbal supplement | 90 capsules


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