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Healthy hair begins with healthy scalp. 

So with this hair powder, we focus on keeping the scalp clean,free of build-ups , flaky skin, dandruff and healthy on the whole. The natural herbs like Hibiscus,Fenugreek and the Indian soapberry penetrate the hair shaft restoring moisture and shine while improving manageability.So your hair is soft,supple and shiny from the very first use.

Made wiith some of the best known herbs for the hair, this scalp rub is a good combination of herbs and flowers to cleanse and keep your hair shiny and beautiful.


Best used in combination with a Hair Oil.

Suggested Add-ons : Healthy Hair supplement to support your hair growth and journey to healthy hair from the inside out.

Healthy Hair | Pre-shampoo mask

VAT Included
  • Net Contents: 40g

    Packaging: Tin pot

    Refills will soon be available.

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