An optimum combination of anti-virul Tulsi or the Holy Basil and anti-histamine Guduchi, this immunity boosting tea will keep all your colds,coughs and respiratory issues at bay.Enjoy it all year round,preferably each morning to equip yourself through all seasons. An excellent addition to an every morning routine!


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  • Traditionally used as an immune builder,this tea is said to impart youthfullness,vitality and long life to its user. Guduchi or Giloi is known for its anti-inflammatory properties it has been used in ancient india to prevent and help with upper respiratory infections, skin and liver issues.It is often known as 'the wonder herb'.Tulsi or the Holy basil is known as the Queen of herbs, it enjoys an almost divine status amongst all herbs with special powers to calm the mind and de-stress.Along with its adaptogenic properties Tulsi is also known to be an excellent anti-viral,anti-fungal and anti-bacterial and is known to boost the bodies defenses against infections and boost the immune function.

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