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Your tongue can tell many tales.Each part of your tongue is said to correspond to an organ in your body.A coating on your tongue is a sign of accumulated toxins - and hence scraping off some of those toxins on a daily basis makes complete sense.

Copper has been used for centuries as a bacteria resistant metal.Studies show that Copper not only seems to be toxic to the bad bacteria but it also provides important enzymes that are needed for the healthy microbes in the mouth to survive.

A copper tongue scraper also resists bacterial accumulation while not in use, offering you protection long after its use.

Copper Tongue Cleaner

VAT Included
  • Well-made and strong, this Copper tongue cleaner offers you the everyday benefit of the metal as well as tongue scraping.

    Best cleaned with lime and salt if not in use for a while.

  • Open your mouth and stick out your tongue.Using a hand for each handle, place the scraper at the back of your tongue gently but firmly and pull forward with a little pressure.Rinse off the white debris that you have scraped off.

    Repeat a few times.

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