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An optimum combination of anti-viral Tulsi (Holy Basil)and anti-histamine Guduchi, this immunity supporting tea will all your colds,coughs,hayfever and more .Enjoy it all year round,preferably each morning to equip yourself through all seasons. An excellent addition to an every morning routine!


SKU: 75g Refill
VAT Included
  • Refill Pack Size: 75g

    Traditionally used as an immune builder,this tea is said to impart youthfullness,vitality and long life to its user. Guduchi or Giloi is known for its anti-inflammatory properties it has been used in ancient india to promote and ease upper respiratory, skin and liver imbalances.It is often known as 'Amrita or nectar'.Tulsi or the Holy basil is the Queen of herbs and enjoys an almost divine status amongst all herbs with special powers to calm,de-stress the mind and gently uplift the mood.Along with its adaptogenic properties Tulsi is also known to be an excellent anti-viral,anti-fungal and anti-bacterial herb that supports the bodies defenses against infections and also boosts the immune function. Well rounded with flavours of honey-sweet chamomile , also known as an allergy herb and fresh,citrusy and bright tasting lemon make this powerful blend of herbs, also a very pleasant cup you can happily sip on everyday.

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