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This bundle puts together a few products to help with accumulated Kapha imbalances - to help with accumulated congestion, strengthen immune health during seasonal transitions and gently help shake off any fatigue, heaviness that is felt between seasons.


Kapha Balance Bundle

VAT Included
  • Contents: 

    1.Kapha Balance Oil | 200ml:

    Invirogating,energising and yet grounding the Kapha massage oil is the perfect start to lift your mood when you feel heavy and lethargic. 

    2.Indian Breakfast Tea | 75g

    A very delicate blend of everyday essential herbs and spices,this is a great tea to begin your day. It helps to get started with a little warmth through the varying weather of Spring.

    3.Kapha Spice Blend | 40g

    A thoughtfully curated blend of spices for the family. Versatile this can be used in multiple ways . In addition, the spice blend is the easiest addition to encourage more movement in the body and mind.

    4.Anu Taila | 8 ml

    A nasya oil  /  nasal drops that is ideal to incorporate into your daily routine. Spring is a great time to get this into your routine to help with any seasonal allergies and avoid colds/ flus that are typical in this season.

    5. Stay Strong | 120 Capsules

    These Vegan supplements are a great addition to your daily routine.The herbal blend in these supplements supports good immune health, detoxify and helps keep healthy and strong all through the year. In additioAnother good one to keep and use as a family.

    We recommend you use our supplements for 40-48 days at a stretch and then take a break from it. 











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