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Our Partners

B.V.Pundits Traditional and Herbal Healthcare

All through my growing years I have heard stories about how my great grandfather​ went from house to house selling the"pink toothpowder" that then went on to become one of the most desired and popular products in the town and later in the state. Set up in 1913 and still making the most authentic and honest herbal products,I am proud to be working with B.V.Pundits Traditional and Herbal Healthcare,today.

While it has come a long way from selling the one product, it still remains a boutique, family owned enterprise focusing on traditional principles that maintain the true essence of the products.

We use wildcrafted herbs sourced from the hills close to the yoga town of Mysore,India and our own herb garden to make herbal supplements to maintain and restore physical well-being.

Do read our blog to read about the interesting journey of my ancestral home and this heritage company.

Weavers,Co-operatives and Self-Employed Women

We work with self-employed women who work from their weaving looms at home, thereby empowering them and helping them remain independent and help with the finances for the family.We work with rural weavers from co-operatives in our little attempt to keep handicraft alive.We enjoy the passion and dedication with which each of our products are created and hope you do too.


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