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This kit contains,

A copper tongue scraper

Herbal Toothpowder - 30g

Oil Pulling Rinse - 200ml


This handy kit includes everything you need for a fresh start to your day by not just cleaning but also removing toxins accumulated in the mouth.

It would last you appoximately 25-30 days.We suggest to use these products for a minimum period of 40-48 days for the body to fully accept the products and see a difference. 

You will however feel the difference in your oral hygeine,freshness of breath,tastes of food almost instantly. You will also notice other benefits like better skin and hair with regular use.


Top Tip: In Ayurveda, the well-known Rasayana herb, Amla is considered a general rebuilder of oral health.  One to two grams per day can be taken orally in capsules for long-term benefit to the teeth and gums. Amla is said to support the healing and development of connective tissue when taken internally and also benefit the gums. The healing effect of these herbs could take longer but the effects are longer lasting.


So why not add some Amla as part of your oral-care routine? 

Not to forget the immense benefits it can add to skin and hair too.





Good Morning! Kit

VAT Included
  • A perfect way to begin your day with a complete oral hygeine kit.

    The kit comprises a herbal toothpowder that is bitter and astringent and can help have fresh breath, avoid plaque and keep the teeth and mouth clean.A copper tongue scraper ensures you are always in the "pink" of health,but scraping away toxins that could accumulate through the night.

    In keeping with the principles of Ayurveda,an oil rinse facilitates hygeine in other parts of the mouth and kills most toxins that can accumulate.This also ensures you can taste your food better and avoid bad breath through the day.

    To supplement this kit, we recommend Amla as an oral intake to help with overall health as well as a facilitator to oral health.

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