Neem has been used in traditional Indian households for over 5000 years and is known to be a briiliant anti-fungal,anti-viral,antiseptic agent.In addition,purify the blood, prevent damage caused by free radicals in the body, remove toxins, treat insect bites and ulcers.Neem is famous and celebrated for promoting healthy skin and a clear complexion by working both internally and externally.It is also said to reduce unwanted heat and toxins in the GI tract.Its detoxifying effects on the body make it a great immune booster as well.

Neem Vegetarian Capsules

  • 450mg Vegetarian Neem Capsules

    Net Content: 60 capsules.

    Batch Code: 012N/0718EL

    Best Before: Aug 2022, Origin: India

    Suitable for Vegans.

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