A pre portioned ready-to-cook meal kit that helps you follow a three day cleanse routine.

This kit includes six portions for two meals,three days.Use this to cleanse and detox your system for three days during the change of each season or anytime you feel the need to re-set your digestive system.


Alternatively enjoy this recipe on any six days as part of your regular diet.

This recipe has created in partnership with Dr.Seema Dutta of Keyajee Clinic, an expert in Women s health and well-being.


This kit contains:

Six portions of Khichadi

Cumin,Coriander and Fennel Tea- A digestive tea that you can sip on between meals - approx six cups.

Ginchip - Air dried and salted ginger chips to be used as an appetiser and digestif.

Triphala Capsules - Our smallest pack to help you detox through the three days.


Read more about what this pack can do for you or write to us to get the online guide to the 3 day cleanse.


Additionall Info:Buy our Ashwagandha capsules to help detox during the change in seasons and build..


3 day Cleanse Kit


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