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Updated: May 3, 2020

Hello, and welcome aboard this slow train that will take you through a journey of ancient practices and traditions that are most well--aligned with our lives today.

I'm Priya, founder of Earthen Living - a company that creates products with natural,largely plant materials.We are creating a host of new products for you that will be available to buy online soon,but I often run out of space to tell you the story behind the product or each ingredient.I am hoping this blog makes it easier to understand and make better decisions for yourselves.

Several of us today want to live a more conscious life,making sure we take care of Mother earth as much as we take of ourselves.Some of us know the need to look within and de-clutter the mind and our lives to live in harmony with ourselves,naturally.

It could be wishful thinking for some of us and some others it could be a well-tread path already.

Having lived an Ayurvedic lifestyle for most part of my life,I hope to use this blog to tell you more about the power of herbs and spices,age-old home remedies and everyday rituals you can benefit from.I will be posting recipes to try out at home and have guest blogs from natural healing practitioners at regular intervals to give you more insight on specific subjects.

This is a blog to make everyday living with our natural elements more simple and I hope to answer a few questions you may have and decode a few concepts to make living with nature and in harmony with yourself easier.

Please feel free to comment or reach out to me at any point of time.I would encourage participation and would love to know more about what you would like to know - about Ayurveda,food as medicine,natural dyes and herbs.

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