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Find out your Ayurvedic Dosha Type

Take our quiz to find out your dosha. This quiz helps you to get an idea about your Prakruti or your lifelong tendencies. When you answer these questions, think about what is generally true for you.

Keep a pen and paper handy if you prefer,select one answer and keep a count of how many times you answered a, b, or c.

'A' stands for Vata,' B' for Pitta and 'C' is Kapha. The letter you have the most answers for shows your predominant dosha. Most people are a combination-type with two dominant doshas. You can also download the quiz as a pdf with tickboxes for each answer. Once finished, you can count the boxes you ticked for each column. The column you have the highest score in shows your predominant dosha.

If you find differences between how you feel at the moment and what you think your overall tendencies are, this might mean you currently experience an imbalance in your doshas. Take note of these differences because you want to react early and try re-balancing your doshas before a disease manifests. Please note that any constitution can have an imbalance in any dosha.

We have written individual articles for each dosha (Vata, Pitta and Kapha). Read your dosha first to see whether you recognise yourself in the description. We do recommend reading all three articles to get a basic understanding of all the doshas. You will also learn how to spot which dosha is out of balance and how to bring it back to balance.


a) Slender frame, longer limbs, I struggle to gain weight or muscle

b) Medium frame, good muscle development, I can gain or lose weight easily

b) Larger frame, heavy bones, I put on weight easily and struggle to lose it

2. Skin

a) My skin tends to be dry and rough, and needs a lot of moisturising

b) My skin is irritated easily, sensitive, prone to breakouts

c) I have thick, smooth, oily and cool skin

3. Hair

a) I have dry, brittle or frizzy hair

b) I have fine hair, that tends towards early greying or thinning

c) I have abundant, thick and oily hair

4. Eyes

a) I have small eyes, that move quickly

b) I have medium sized eyes, and and intense gaze

c) I have large, pleasant eyes.

5. Body Temperature

a) My hands and feet are always cold

b) I tend to have a warm body and overheat easily

c) My body is cool and adaptable to most temperatures, I don’t like cold, damp weather.

6. Sweat

a) I sweat very little

b) I sweat easily and a lot

c) I start to sweat with moderate activity

7. Metabolism

a) My digestion is irregular, I often feel bloated, or can hear gurgling sounds. My bowels tend towards hard, dry stools. I get constipated easily.

b) My digestion is very regular, and strong. I can tend towards acidity and heartburn. My bowel movements are regular, at least once a day and tend to be soft.

c) My digestion is slow, I feel full easily, and often lethargic after a meal. My bowel movements are sluggish, can be hard to evacuate and sticky. I go once a day on most days.

8. Appetite

a) My appetite is irregular, one day I eat lots, the next day I can forget to eat and skip meals. I also like to graze or snack.

b) My appetite is very regular, and if a meal is delayed, I can get hangry. I can easily digest my meals and tend to eat larger quantities.

c) I have a modest appetite, and I don’t mind skipping meals occasionally.

9. Sleep

a) My sleep can be irregular, I can wake up at night and feel worried. I often dream about running away.

b) My sleep is moderate. I can have trouble falling asleep when my mind is too busy.

c) My sleep is deep. I fall asleep easily and can sleep for 8 - 10 hours. I struggle to get going in the morning and often feel lethargic.

10. Learning

a) I learn quickly, but I forget quickly too.

b) I have a sharp mind and a decent memory.

c) I tend to take a bit longer to memorise and comprehend but once I have learnt something I won’t forget.

11. Temperament

a) I tend to be joyful, quick and adapt easily. I like change or new experiences.

b) I tend to be driven, passionate and I like challenges or competitions.

c) I tend to be calm, loyal and easy going. I like creating a nurturing environment for others.

12. Under Stress

a) I tend to react with fear, anxiety and indecisiveness.

b) I tend to react with irritation or aggression.

c) I tend to withdraw and or shut down.

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